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Engine and components
« on: February 18, 2011, 09:08:25 PM »


I have read alot of discussion papers/posts from this site and it has helped to understand what is required from a date coded engine and components.

The engine is the only non original part of the driveline to my camaro. I have been lucky enough to purchase a date code correct one (396) though. The POP has the engine assembled on the 22nd of Feb, the body start date is April 1st week.

I reqiure alternator, carbie, starter motor etc for a 396.

Would the engine dress assembly section (from factory) MORE THEN LIKELY use Feb date coded #'s or March #'s. I know abit of a how long is a peice of string questions.

I guess i need to satisfy my mind that the direction im heading is more than likely #'s correct from assembly in 68.

Any members with #'s matching 396 engines are more then welcome to post a reply.

Thank you guys.