Author Topic: Hey thats my car!!  (Read 69 times)


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Hey thats my car!!
« on: July 30, 2016, 08:18:57 PM »
 Crazy story:

   Got up in the morning to my coffee and Ebay thing like every other morning. Did my mid year vette search and 70-73 trans am search (Dont judge lol) and for some reason i went into 68 camaros which i hardly do and as i scrolled down i saw a ad from a magazine cut out of a car looked just like mine. I backed up thinking thats not it.But noticed the lower molding from the door and fender was mine, Had exact bias plys  on it when i got it. Front spoiler painted to match car color (I know its been changed ) Was a 396 like mine then i looked at the tell tail...where the blk bumble bee strip ends at the 396 then picks up, mine has the bottom "Boxed" meaning a stripe under lines the 396.At that point i knew thats my car before i got it. Needless to say i did buy it and  a powerball ticket for tonight. May of 2000 i bought the car off Ebay. 1968 RS/SS (L-78) survivor with 1 repaint in 1978 (still shows well) with dealer installed A/C under dash. Was bought for a girls graduation present from Courtesy Chevrolet AZ June 68. Just never know what you will find on Ebay. Any other crazy stories?


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Re: Hey thats my car!!
« Reply #1 on: Today at 01:40:35 AM »
I just went through something similar a few weeks ago.... I was reading a thread over on Team Chevelle about a rare 70 L78 chevelle that was on Ebay. The more I looked I'm thinking this is my old car. I owned one just like it back in the early 90's. It needed a complete restoration when I sold it and even though I'm the one that found the build sheet behind the passenger door panel it DID NOT have the original engine. I had a complete title history on the car back in the day and called previous owners but the original engine was no where to be found. I had a correct coded block that I let go with the car. The VIN was on the ebay ad but unfortunately I didn't think I had any paperwork showing my old cars VIN. Low and behold I was going through some old paperwork a couple of weeks later and there was an appraisal that I had done on the car back in 1992 with the VIN on it.... Bingo, it was my old car and yes you guessed it, now its a totally restored, rare, 1970 L78 with the "original numbers matching engine" in it. 25 years after I sold it to a guy down in Florida its now for sale up in Canada.
Yes, its a small world with these old cars.
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