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9N710447 Muncie M22
« on: January 07, 2011, 01:46:27 AM »
The ad lists the VIN as 10447 but I'm guessing it's really 710447.

REAL M22 Muncie dated P9P24C (P=Muncie, 9=1969, P=September, 24= 24th day of month, C=M22 (close ratio) Built late 1969 model run-GM was on strike for the start of the 1970 model year run so the 1969 Camaros were built-out longer than normal due to the new 1970 body style being delayed. This date would have been for 1970 if not for the strike. It is VIN'd 19N10447 which indicates 1969 Camaro Norwood assembly plant most likely a Z28 or L78 model. 10 spline input (no grooves) and 27 spline output, correct castings, all original bolts. This trans is COMPLETELY restored inside and out. A cast iron mid-plate was used to add strength and lessen the chance of case failure. All original GM parts were used including Hyatt New Departure bearings and complete synchronizers. NO ITALIAN OR ASIAN REPLACEMENT GEARS!!! It was considered a HD unit but NOT for its non-helical 22 degree cut gears, but for the 12-roller front and rear bearings used. A vehicle with 4.11 or numerically higher rear ratios is recommended due to the 2.20:1 first gear ratio. This unit is restored to showroom condition. reply to listing with phone number if interested. NO TIRE KICKERS, NO HAGGLERS. This is the real deal and the price is well worth it. I've seen people pay $1200 for a "nice" used one only to find it needs another $1000 of work. I also stock a full supply of M20 and M21 units. Leave phone number NO QUOTES VIA EMAILS.

1969 Z28 JL8 4 wheel disc brakes, #'s match - being restored