Author Topic: Documentation for 9N537973 - 1969 Camaro Z28  (Read 2436 times)


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Documentation for 9N537973 - 1969 Camaro Z28
« on: September 16, 2010, 06:35:27 PM »
I am new to this site, so I hope I am doing it correct, on Sept 27,1968 We ordered a 1969 Camaro with the Z28 option recieved it around Nov of 68, sold the car about 4 or 5 years later in New York, I have the original Window sticker and a copy of the bill of sale and some other documentation of the car, Would love to locate the current owner to share this info. The ID vin # is 124379N537973 The car was originally Green with white interor I believe it was x33 not any options I painted it blue about 3 years after we purchased it so don't know what colour it moght be now, if it is still in exsistance...I can be reached either by email at aol  address is photoman51, or by phone 954-972-0070 Work # I hope I did this right...Thanks  Jim
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Re: Documentation for 9N537973 - 1969 Camaro Z28
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well after all these years I have it back...WOW! Still looking for some additional information..READ ON :)

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Smile Home at last after 47 years my 69 Z28
I just ,last year found my original 69 Z28 after 47 years.
BUT! I need some hepl in my documentary please read this...thanks...Jim

The quick story is as follows. I purchased this 1969 Camaro Z 28 in late 1968. From Pape Chevrolet in the Bronx,NY
I am trying to finish my documentary on the car,

I sold it around 1973 and always regretted it. I have been looking for it for all this time, and just found the car last year, and purchased it back after 47 years. (HOME AT LAST) What a story!
I have been in touch with everyone from 1976 until now, who owned the car.
Except for the years between 1973 and 1976 "the missing link"
We believe that someone by the last name of Young from Southold, owned the car during those years, I am hoping that this story,might refresh someone's memory of who owned it and possibly some history ,so that I might complete the "missing Link"
Someone had painted it Yellow, around 1973, from the Blue I that I painted it around 1970,It was originally green.

The car was sold around 1973, as we had 2 small children, and we were moving to Florida, and the Camaro was just to small, we sold it to, who? That is the missing link? I do know that Tom Rambo purchased the car in 1976, from? (Missing Link) We think it was someone in Southold, NY by the name of Young. Now in around 1976, it was painted yellow with black stripes and the interior was changed from parchment white to black and a 350 engine, had been installed in place of the original 302 engine.
Originally from the factory it was fathom green with White (parchment) interior, in 1970 I painted it La Mans blue, and so green to blue to yellow and now it is back to the original color. Tom Rambo drove the car until 1978 and sold it to his brother Wayne in 1978, After speaking with Wayne, he told me he had to go to South Carolina to pick up the car, from his brother Tom, and drove it back to N.Y. It was missing really badly, and the car was all over the road, as the front suspension was in dire need of replacing. He told me that he thought his brother Tom, who is now deceased, purchased it from someone by the name of Young in Southold N.Y. around 1973(This is the missing link). As of now I have not been able to contact anyone by the name of Young or any family member to verify this. It is the missing link from 1973 to 1976. The story goes that Mr. Young destroyed the original 302 motor, and then took in to a local repair shop,(who/where?) and the owner talked him into not rebuilding the 302 engine and installed a 350 engine in its place, where is the shop with the original 302 engine, who did the work, does anyone remember? This is a part of the missing link?
So as you can see the mystery still continues today.
Again it is a really interesting story, the car is home after 47 years. If I could only find out more information about the missing years? 1973 to 1976. I really hope that someone remembers something or anything about the history of the car, so that I might complete the history of it. I hope someone can help me complete the history of the

Jim O'Hare
E-Mail is

Thank you in advance