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Re: 1968 6cyl 3spd
« Reply #15 on: December 10, 2017, 04:12:46 AM »
I'm at a tossup on the color, car has had one repaint about 10 years ago. Original color is Cordovan Maroon with white top and red interior. Last owner had a newer generation white and black with red interior, he painted this one to match. He also said that he thought the Maroon and red didn't go together well. I came across a coupe for sale with the same color combo and I kind of like it but white has grown on me too.

May considering going back to original if I paint her again in my remaining lifespan :-)
Well not sure that originality would trump that awesome color combo for me. I have a 66 Chevelle SS which originally left the factory Madera Maroon (burgandy) with red interior. Terrible combo visually for me. I ended up going black on black for the resto.
1969 garnet red Z/28 46k mile unrestored X77
-Looking for 3192477 (front) spiral shocks 3192851 (rear)
-Looking for an original LOF soft ray windshield
-Looking for original Delco side post negative battery cable part # 6297651AV