Author Topic: These dates line up to 04D?  (Read 1176 times)

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These dates line up to 04D?
« on: February 13, 2010, 04:42:08 PM »
Hi all,
My 04d los car has a 'glide and 10 bolt in it, I did a few searches here, and over at T/C, but no exact answers, so here goes,

My 10 bolt axle is PK0320G2  - I get 3:55 non posi, but the cast date is L226. The 6 almost looks like an 8, depends on the light and angle you look at it. Is this o.k? I know if its an 8, then no way....(Shoulda wrote down the gear #s when I changed the diff fluid  ::) )

My 'glide has a code on the pan of T7A13N, which I get is Jan 13, night shift.

Do these line up to an 04D?

My engine is not orig, so I wont even bother.....

1967 04D LOS Royal Plum / Parchment Deluxe interior "Jane" with some mods. Salt Lake City Zone, Dealer "0" per NCRS shipping papers.