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'68 A/C question
« on: January 18, 2010, 04:47:31 AM »
I have a '68 RS that was built with the following options:
327/210, PE 3.08 posi, N40 & J50, J52 (4-piston), U69/U79 w factory eq, C60 air, A31 power windows, Z22 rs, C08 vinyl roof, Z23 interior w/ bench seat.

With the exception of the original engine and transmission, the car is intact with all the original equip..  (It now has a 396 BB and TH400.) As such, the AC is not functional.

I am debating between using a vintage air IV system with the existing BB, or changing back to a 327 using a stock a/c setup. Which option is better for the value of the car, knowing I would not have the numbers matching drivetrain regardless of the route I choose?

Also, if I go back to a 327, does it matter much to this value scenario if the castings not a correct year?  I know i'll get mixed opinions, but I'll go with the consensus. Thanks!