Author Topic: Parking brake center cable length ???  (Read 21 times)


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Parking brake center cable length ???
« on: March 16, 2018, 10:36:04 PM »
Parking brake center cable length ???

I'm am replacing all of the parking brake cables front to back on my '68.

I was looking at different Camaro parts suppliers for replacements. I was leaning towards a kit at Heartbeat City. The only problem was that they advertise the length of their center cable as 89 inches. Every other supplier who gave the length of the center cable listed it as 79 inches. I measured my original center cable and it is 79 inches.

I called Heartbeat city and asked about this. I asked if the 89 inches shown on their website was possibly an error. The guy I talked to was adamant that the 89 inches was correct and that he has actually measured these cables himself.

I would have to believe if their cable was 10 inches longer than the original, you would never be able to tighten it.

It doesn't make sense to me that there would be two different length cables available. Just wondering what anyone else thinks about this.

Also any opinions as to who is supplying good accurate reproductions.


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Re: Parking brake center cable length ???
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2018, 10:41:32 PM »
The shorter one is correct. I have an 89" (?) hanging in the shed because it is too long for my 05B '67 and it ran out of thread while tightening.
I found a supplier on eBay that sells the correct length shorter center cable.

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Re: Parking brake center cable length ???
« Reply #2 on: Today at 03:40:54 AM »
BEWARE what a vendor tells you re what is 'correct'...   :)
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