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Block Casting # 3955272


Can you confirm that this block (3955272) is a L78 396 375HP.
What heads and intake should the engine have from the factory ??
Thanks for the help.........69 SS 396

In 1969, the 3955272 block was used in various horse power configurations ranging from 265 to 375. To verify it's a 375, it has to be a 4 bolt main with the correct engine suffix code. What's the suffix code and VIN on your block?


Hi Ed,
 Thanks for your reply. That confirms what I have found also.
 The suffix code is T1108JA.( It is not the original motor but correct date code
for the car.)
 Some numbers decodes say it is a L78 396 375 (Year One) others say it is a L35 396 325.
 What do you say ??
Thanks again,

For 1969, JA is a 396/325 from a Chevelle. Yours was assembled at the Tonawanda, New York engine plant on November 8th, 1968.



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