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Block Casting # 3955272


Can you confirm that this block (3955272) is a L78 396 375HP.
What heads and intake should the engine have from the factory ??
Thanks for the help.........69 SS 396

Ed B:
In 1969, the 3955272 block was used in various horse power configurations ranging from 265 to 375. To verify it's a 375, it has to be a 4 bolt main with the correct engine suffix code. What's the suffix code and VIN on your block?


Hi Ed,
 Thanks for your reply. That confirms what I have found also.
 The suffix code is T1108JA.( It is not the original motor but correct date code
for the car.)
 Some numbers decodes say it is a L78 396 375 (Year One) others say it is a L35 396 325.
 What do you say ??
Thanks again,

Ed B:
For 1969, JA is a 396/325 from a Chevelle. Yours was assembled at the Tonawanda, New York engine plant on November 8th, 1968.



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