to clone or not to clone

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8 (57.1%)
2 (14.3%)

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Re: cloning
« Reply #15 on: April 06, 2006, 05:01:39 AM »
Not so many years ago "Cloning" was considered as something deceptive / dishonest to a degree and generally frowned upon and I must admit I am a nut case for leaving it as it was built. However things have changed quite a bit , for a start there aren't the number of original "correct" cars to match with the numbers of enthisiasts that would like to own them. This has created different issues , for a start it has driven the prices of original documented cars to levels most people simply can't afford. Additionally , in many cases there weren't enough of the desirable cars built in the first place to fill today's market. This has created some really great opportunities for the real "Expert" , take the Chrysler Hemi cars for example , look back several years ago @ the Barrett-Jackson results and see what the "Recreations" (Barrett-Jackson terminoligy) sold for , roughly 1/2 or less what original cars brought.. Now with original cars selling for in excess of $250,000 in some cases the clones are pretty desirable and the word clone has less impact on the value than in previous years.. A CORRECTLY cloned Hemi car can bring $150,000 or better... And I think the Camaro's are next in line to follow in the value footsteps of the Hemi cars whether they are original or CORRECT clones.... Correct being the operative word .... And last with the escalating values it's quite possible to economically build yourself a very accurate copy of a very desirable model and still be in the hunt value wise .. Just an opinion , Thanks for reading this .. Jeff