Author Topic: 69 z28 info help please  (Read 1879 times)


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69 z28 info help please
« on: April 02, 2009, 08:21:37 PM »
ok i have recently aquired a 69 z28 and am trying to find some answers:

was the z28 only made in norwood or was it available from los angeles?
the vin and cowl code plates are in tact but where would one find the protecto plate? 
body has been repainted (im assuming) and the fisher door tag is gone. can body info be obtained anywhere else?
what sheet was under the rear seat (its missing) and could it be somehwre else?
is there a way to get a options list for a specific car to be certain of its authenticity (that the engine, trans, rear end, etc are for that car)?
My paint code seems to be a "special order" on the tag but the car is hugger orange w/ white racing stripes and ivory hounds int (the int is correct per the cowl tag). can i cross the paint somewhere to find out if its was hugger w/ the white racing stripes originally?

Many thanks in advance and sorry if there are "dumb" q's. its my first older camaro and i just want to do this correct.


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Re: 69 z28 info help please
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2009, 08:47:50 PM »
Welcome to the CRG site!

Z/28's were built in both plants.

The protect-o-plate was affixed to the warranty folder; if it's not with the car, some previous owner has it (or pitched it).

There was no "Fisher door tag" - all the Fisher body build info is on the cowl tag.

If it's a Norwood car, chances of finding a Broadcast Copy are essentially zero.

There's no Chevrolet build information available for '69 Camaros, unless the car was sold new in Canada.

The cowl tag shows the original exterior color and interior trim combination, and if it's a Norwood car built after mid-December, 1968, it will also show if it was originally a Z/28.

If you can post the VIN and a photo of the cowl tag, we can help you decode it, and we MAY have some info on it IF it's in the CRG database.
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