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Hello again,
First, thanks for all of your help in deciphering all of my questons about 69 z28's. I do have 2 more questions. 1. Should a late model 69 z28 ( sept build) have a 120 or 140 mph speedometer. 2. Did the 69 z28 have a shield on the bottom side of the trans to stop parts from going through the floor board? You can look at the Camaro that I am asking about on Ebay item # 280304378729. Look all the way at the bottom of the description where the pics are. As the pics slide across one of them shows the shield like thing on the trans. thanks once again and look forward to hearing from all of you. Brady
P.S If any body knows anything about this car I would like any info. I believe all the info that the seller has provided is correct.

All Z28s had a 120 mph speedometer.  The 140 was part of COPO 9737 option which added 15" wheels, a larger sway bar and the 140mph speedometer on L72 COPO cars.  It wasn't available on Z28s.  The bellhousing on that car is not original, is probably a Macleod bellhousing.  Lots of things wrong (incorrect) on that car.  Frst the Trim tag does not have the required safety statement on the bottom of it that all cars bound for the US and Canada all have.  Its too late a build to have either a chambered exhaust or 4 wheel disc brakes (although the seller never says they are original).  Tons of incorrect items on the car, like a black grille, wrong master cylinder etc.

ST 69-12437   NOR128437 BDY
TR 711                 7676 PNT
 09C                     X77 D80
VIN # 124379N685481

Carwas Ebay back in Mid November of last year as well.

Somebody took it with a buy it now. Was that you?

The 140 mph speedo was included with COPO 9737, most often seen with COPO 9560 or 9561. All other 1969 Camaros were built with the standard 120 mph or 200 kph speedo. Based on the trim tag this car was built for export and may have had a kph speedo.

I believe you are refering to the scattershield. It was required in sanctioned drag racing to contain debris in the event of a clutch or flywheel failure. It was never factory installed.

This car has been subjected to a number of modifications that suggest it may have been raced. In addition to the scattershield it has sub frame connectors, aftermarket oil pan, headers. It also has an aftermarket radio, missing shifter knob, rocker panel trim, rear bumper guards, spare tire hold-down hook, wrong master cylinder, wrong distributor. There are many incorrect finishes and fasteners. It was built too late for factory 4-wheel disc brakes and chambered exhaust so those were added. It should not have the quarter louver trim and the grille should be argent [silver]. The seller incorrectly states the car has an M21; should be M20. The rear axle code listed is not a 4-wheel disc code.    

Draw your own conclusions.

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