Author Topic: Decode 69 396/375  (Read 2557 times)


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Decode 69 396/375
« on: March 15, 2006, 05:21:40 AM »
Trim Tag reads:
ST 69 12437   NOR117205   BDY
TR   727                71 71     PUT

Vin: 124237n520685

It suppose to be a true 375hp car, has the original motor, and 4 speed trans, from all the numbers i can find, it is matching.  my problem is it isnt x coded car, i cant find any info about this.  the owner i bought it from said that in october of 68 they didnt use x codes, that is where the 10 b comes from. is this true?

another thing is this car has a completely black interior, i think from the numbers it suppose to be white.  one other question i cant seem to find it , what exacltly is white on the standard white interior. are the door panels white or black etc.

thanks guys. this is my first post, thank god i found a place to ask all my questions i cant seem to find an answer to.


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Re: Decode 69 396/375
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2006, 05:45:19 AM »
Not trying to be smart, but did you look on this site? Specifically:

What are the #'s from the engine and trans?

Seats and door panels are white. That's it, everything else is black.
Kurt S