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Original markings under the paint
« on: January 09, 2009, 02:12:22 PM »
There have been many pictures posted of factory markings that were found under the paint on the firewalls of Camaros. I thought I would post these pictures of what was found under the factory paint on my sheet metal after media blasting. My car has 28K miles on it, both sides front to back had been repainted 30 years ago, original paint on the hood roof and trunk.

These markings were done with a grease pencil and just a faint image was seen depending on the angle of light while looking at the panels. I highlighted the marks with a sharpie to show up in a picture, and only marked up what I could trace.

The right quarter panel had two areas marked up, front ( Alp )  and rear( /W&Bing ). During the paint removal a factory lead repair was found where the quarter attaches to the rocker panel. I had no idea that repair was there.

The left quarter panel had a mark on the front of the panel ( R Buw Z ) but no repaired area.

Besides the normally seen markings on the firewall there was ( Obb ) written on top of the dash on the left side.