Author Topic: Power Windows: 67 or 68 / 69?  (Read 1593 times)


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Power Windows: 67 or 68 / 69?
« on: January 05, 2009, 06:03:37 AM »
I just picked up a set of four window regulators and motors that are supposed to be for a 67 Camaro.

Looking at some old pics of a 67 set that I had, the front regulators that I just got look to be for a 68 / 69 Camaro.

The two main things that strike me as being different are the cross pieces with the rollers, (Too long) and the rectangular piece that attaches the main arm to the geared pivot. (Different shape) Also, I don't recall 67's having metal stamped numbers on each piece and the the motor numbers were painted on in yellow ink for 67.

Here is a link to my photobucket site showing the front regulators:

Can anyone tell me with certainty that these are 68 / 69 regulators? I can post more pics if needed.

If these are for 68 & 69, then I'll be needing a pair of 67 fronts.

Thanks for any help!