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need help with vin
« on: September 01, 2008, 06:08:52 PM »
I have a 1969 Camaro shell. VIN # 123339N672200

NOTICE the "3" in place of the "7". The vin tag and rivets are original to the car. ALSO, there are NO hidden vins, and the two areas are virgin from the factory. This has been verified. There is no cowl tag. Car has some unusual markings on the rear seat support, normally reserved for x33 etc. has what looks like b 4 ?

original color is dusk blue, the car has the d80 spoiler option with the camaro emblem installed from the factory above the spoiler on the deck lid, and has the larger dia. hinge rods. It is a 4 speed  v8 car not a six cylinder car. This creates another error with the vin number. Has rear bumperettes that had been removed. Single large fuel line.

The sheetmetal date codes are consistant with the year of the car.

I would like help in determining what this car is or what it could be.


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Re: need help with vin
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2008, 11:51:32 PM »
Hello Gary. I was there Friday to examine the car.

After discussion within the group we feel the VIN is simply mis-stamped. Although quite rare there are a few others. The verification process in assembly looked at the last 6 digits of the VIN which were manually stamped on the cars’ paperwork. They would have matched.

The missing hidden VINs may have been a stamper malfunction. There appears to be a slight dent in the top of the cowl panel perhaps indicating an attempt to stamp. The same tool was used to do both stamps and was done on the Chevy side. At 57cars/hour there was no time to repair the machine. There have been a few other examples of a missing top stamp but this car is the only one known to be missing both.

As for the car itself there is nothing extraordinary. The crayon markings on the rear bulkhead are ‘B4’ which is common and indicates a blue interior. The sheet metal run dates ‘27’ [late July ‘69] are commensurate with the sequential late August VIN of 672200. As there is not much left there is no way to tell which engine the car was built with. Although the rods are rusty the trunk opened normally so I do not believe the car was built with spoilers. The car has the standard speedo cable location indicating it did not have a Muncie 4-speed, does not have the dual exhaust reinforcement on the LH frame rail. Although covered the floor shift hole appears to be the stamped 3-speed hole, not the torch-cut hole 4-speeds had. If the car was built as a 6-cylinder the VIN would have been 123379N672200 so it may be off by one digit.