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1968 RS/SS oil pressure line routing?

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Okay guys this is my first post.  Glad to find this board. 

I'm currently restoring a 1968 RS/SS camaro 396 4 spd.  This car suffered a massive engine bay fire and I'm putting some finishing touches on.  I need to know if anyone can tell me the correct location of the oil pressure line that runs from the block to the center console gauge.  I mainly just need to know the location on the firewall.  I pulled the line loose from inside the car and I can't seem to find where it penetrated the firewall.  Is there a grommet that protects it?  Any info would be greatly helpful.  Even if you think it's common knowledge.  I'm not one to turn away information. :)  Thanks!

You should get a copy of the 1968 AIM. It has all the hole piercing information in it, including the location of the tube for the oi pressure gauge.

The first picture is of the piercing locations on the firewall. The oil pressure gauge line hole is number 5A (U17). It's located just to the left (as looking from the front of the car) of the wiper motor. The second picture shows the grommet and the line locations (Observe "View C").

Hope this helps...


Thanks Bert.  Wow that was exactly what I need.  I guess I'm not up to speed though... what exactly is an AIM?  I think it would be a good thing to get evidently.  I'm also having trouble finding vacuum and wiring diagrams.  I've found a repair manual at the city library but it's "vintage," and they won't let me bring it home.  If you could tell me where to get this AIM or what it is, I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks again.



For anyone working on, or restoring a first generation Camaro, I recommend at a MINIMUM the following manuals (see the pictures of the covers below):

1. Factory Assembly Instruction Manual (AIM) - This is the book the factory used to assemble the car!

2. Body by Fisher Service Manual - This is a book dealerships used to fix any part of the car assembled by the Fisher Body plant (basically, from the firewall back).

3. Chassis Service Manual - Another book used by the dealership. This one's for mechanical parts (engine, trans, etc...).

4. Chassis Overhaul Manual - This book was used in conjunction with the Chassis Service Manual by the dealerships. It shows how to rebuild mechanical parts (engine, carb, etc...).

5. Console Gauge and Headlight Wiring Diagram Manual - I'm not sure where this one actually came from, but if you have a console (with gauges) or your car is an RS, it's definately required!

6. Alan Colvin's "Chevrolet by the Numbers, 1965-1969" - THE book for decoding casting numbers, engine numbers, transmission numbers, etc...

7. The Camaro Owners Manual - It came with every car off the assembly line. Invaluable!

The above are available reproduction and are around the $20.00 each. You can get them from just about all the Camaro vendors.

There are other manuals you should get if you're hardcore about this, but some of these are VERY difficult to find:

1. Chevrolet Parts and Accessories Manual (P&A 34) - This shows EVERY part number used on your car! (Comes up on ebay once in awhile. Expensive if you can find one.)

2. Chevrolet Illustrations and Special Information Manual (P&A 25) - Used in conjunction with the P&A 34 above, it shows all the parts in an "exploded digram" format. (Again, this comes up on ebay periodically, and again, expensive if you can find one.)

3. Dealer Parts and Accessories Price Schedule (P&A 26) - This is a Dealer only item that shows prices and part numbers, as well as what other model the part was used on. (Rarely comes up on ebay, but snag one if you can. Prices vary with the years covered. Most are from 1946 through 1973. Find one from 1946 to 1970 if you can.)

4. "Camaro, Untold Secrets" by Wayne Guinn - VERY interesting reading for prototype and racing only parts. (Available from just about all the Camaro vendors)

5. "Camaro, 1967-1969 Fact Book" by Frank Incremona and Dr. Murrell Dobbins - Old, but still a GREAT reference book. (VERY difficult to come by, but I see them on ebay once in a great while. Prepare to spend a few $$$ on this one!)

6. "Camaro Restoration Guide" by Jason Scott - Has inconsistancies and errors, but still a good reference book. (Another Camaro vendor item)

7. "The 1967-1968 Camaro Reference Book" (or "The 1969 Camaro Reference Book") by John Hooper - Again, has inconsistancies and errors, but still handy to have. (Camaro vendor item)

8. "Camaro, Chevy's Classy Chassis" by Ray Miller - Another old book, but still has some great info in it. (ebay)
9. "The Definitive 1967-68 Camaro Z-28 Fact Book" (or "The Definitive 1969 Camaro Z-28/SS-396 Fact Book) by Jerry McNeish - Both EXCELLENT reference material (Camaro vendors should also have this one)

There are more, but this should get you started!



This is good info, would you recommend Jerry's books for someone with just a base 307 PG coupe?



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