Author Topic: 9N674584 - found vin# on DZ block, near oil filter...  (Read 2070 times)


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9N674584 - found vin# on DZ block, near oil filter...
« on: February 10, 2008, 03:10:44 PM »
Hello, 1st time posting on your great site. After almost 2 years rebuilding my '69 Z-28/RS I came across some things I wasn't aware of when I started. The rear of the car was showing R/S but front was  a standard Z. After researching your site I found all the necessary parts / signs that it was a true R/S. The motor  that came with the car was built like a 302, 010 block etc,but it wasn't THE 302 motor. the trans and rear are original to the car, vin # stamped on trans. Then my brother bought this '35 Ford hot rod that was supposed to be HOT, because it had a '69 Camaro DZ motor in it. At the time I was just looking to buy a Z, so we looked up the #'s on the front pad , it had listed # V0725DZ and after I bought my car he said this motor should go in your car being a DZ motor. So I bought his and he bought a crate motor 350 Ram Jet. After painting the motor last year it has been sitting awaing me to finish sub frame, rear end etc. Now I'm back to putting the motor together I read that there is a # stamped by the oil filter, so I put some paint remover on and there was the # 19N674584 . Anyone out there with this # ,let me know, the hot rod was bought in Wildwood NJ but car was from Connecticut. Thanks all !
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