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1967 Seat Belt configuration
« on: May 21, 2007, 09:51:01 AM »
By the time I was the owner of my Camaro, the rear seat belts had gone missing. Later, the fronts ended up getting stolen. So, I had to start from scratch and purchased a set of restored seatbelts from Python restorations. Since my Camaro is otherwise very original, I opted to get the seatbelts with the labels. The next step is to install them, but I am not sure as to what is the configuration. I read on another post that the D-Rings go on the outside in the rear and the buckles are in the center. With the seatbelts laying on the top of the rear seat, do the lables go face down?

For the front, what is the configuration for the labels? If I pull out my retractor, which side should the label be on? The top (exposed) or facing down?

Also, I found out the wrong anchors were used for my front belts, D-Ring side. The diameter of the hole is too small for the shouldered bolt. Can anyone tell me what diamter the hole is supposed to be? I am going to increase the diameter of the anchor bolt hole by drilling.

Al Brandt