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AM/FM Radio's and Tape players

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The "blue light" and "yellow light" am/fms were stereo. Very few [1%] '69s were built a stereo. The monaural unit is more common [3.4%].

If your car has front kick panel and 2 rear speakers then it was built with a stereo. From about June or July '69 the yellow light with integral multiplex was used. The same speakers were used with the tape player, which could not be ordered with a stereo radio.

If it does not have the speakers but has a capacitor in the power line to the heater blower motor it had a monaural am/fm. A '69 A or B body used the same unit. '70-up units look the same but have a different plug.

If the car does not have the speakers or the capacitor it probably had an AM.

 Hello all, old post same topic.

 I am restoring  a 69 SS with a build date of 11 D of 68  . I am the third owner since it was taken apart in 1979 . It came to me with  2 rear speakers , 2 kick panel speakers and a dash speaker.

1  Would the correct radio be an  AM / FM blue light stereo ?

2  Can any one recommend  a speaker restoration company ?

 Thanks in advance for any confirmation or recommendations. , Rich

Since your car had a dash speaker it would have originally had a Mono AM or AM/FM radio.  If the other four speakers are original they would have been connected to an 8 track unit.  If you had a blue light AM/FM you wouldn't have the dash speaker, there would just have been a black piece of cardboard taped to the bottom of the dash panel.

Thank you, I can start my search. Any build dates on radios or tape decks ?

Does it have a console?  If so there should be a big hole in the console door, and inside the storage compartment where the wires to the 8 track came thru.  If not there should be some holes in the bottom of the passenger side dash where the T-400 model 8 track mounted.  Does the car have a 3 piece sectional AM only antenna mast or a solid one piece AM/FM mast?

There were only about 6000 8 tracks installed in 69 Camaros, chances of finding one at all is pretty slim (for the console mounted ones), chances of finding a dated one will be all but impossible. 


 Hopefully I attached a pic of the speakers that I took out of the shell
The car dose have a center consul with a front antenna but the mast did not come with it, short cable . There are some additional wires in the council that I didn't understand. I will have to look closer at them when I get home.
  Thanks for all your help :)


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