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AM/FM Radio's and Tape players

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In looking at the radio for sale on ebay, the 91BFP1, I think that radio would be correct for a full size GM car , such as an Impala, in 1969.
The web site www.wonderbarman.com breaks down the meaning of the alphanumeric code. It appears that the 91BFP1 would be out of a full size car and the Camaro would be a 91FFP1. The first F is for pony car such as Camaro and Firebird.
Any thoughts ? Am I mistaken on this?

Partially wrong was I on my previous post. The code for a Camaro (third digit) is A. Therefore the correct radio number for the AM/FM mono for 69 is 91AFP1.

The was no 91AFP1, or FFP radios in 69, there was a 91APB1 which was an AM pushbutton radio used in Chevelles, Camaros, Chevy IIs (Novas) and Acadians (Canadian Chevelles).  The 91BFP1 is correct for a 69 Camaro, and it was also used in Chevrolets, Chevelles, Chevy IIs, and Acadians.

I finally was able to figure out how to post a picture. Here is a picture of a console pad with the 8 track metal cover attached. You can see the white under the red dye. Does anyone know if these can be redyed? Were the consoles all black and then sprayed the interior color? My interior is black and my console lid, 8 track and pad were long gone when I bought the car. I recently learned what the hole on the inside of my console was for, 8 track wires, and figured out why I had 5 speaks, 8 track with AM radio. When I pulled the console I found the cut 8 track ground wire still attached to the bolt and the original cut rear speaker wires hanging in the trunk. The original speaker kick panels are still in place but no speakers. I have alot more detailed pictures but I have to figure out how to link them through Photobucket.

 I noticed there are two radios on Craigs List which appear to be the 91BFP1. Both are in the Raleigh, North Carolina area.
 Just Google 1969 Camaro AM/FM radio.


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