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AM/FM Radio's and Tape players

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--- Quote from: tmodel66 on December 31, 2009, 08:57:24 PM ---My car has the one speaker in the rear. I was told this is RPO U 80. Front speaker only in dash. No speakers in kick panels. Which radio would I need?
Thanks  for any help

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Either a mono Am radio, or a mono AM/FM radio.  If your antenna mast is original, if its one peice then it was an AM/FM originally, if its a 3 peice sectional mast then it was an AM originally.  Rear antenna means AM radio originally.

Thanks alot Mark.   It is original solid mast front fender mount.  So I need to hunt me an AM/FM mono. Could you give me a little information as to what numbers to look for? What I can use to ID the right one.

The AM/FM mono is model number 91BFP1.  It has the angled finned heat exchanger on the back of it.

Theres at least one on Ebay now, its already at 200 bucks with 8 days to go:


Thanks for  the information.  I appreciate all the help.



--- Quote from: montgomg on January 01, 2010, 02:01:03 AM ---I assumed the radio was stereo on the FM side and mono on the AM side.

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One of the differences between the blue & yellow light units was in fact where "Stereo" appears. On the blue light it is molded into the lens. On the yellow it is printed only on the FM band.


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