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AM/FM Radio's and Tape players

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I'm interested to know what types and if possible makes and model numbers of Radio's and 8 track tape players that were offered as options by the factory or dealers in 1969.  I'm interested in purchasing a AM/FM 8 track unit for my car but wanted to make sure it is correct for 1969.
I'm a new member (first time in the Forum).  I've been reading the discussions for a couple of months and I am very impressed with the information I've learned provided by you guys......I'm sure someone out there has all the information I'm looking for.

Thank you in advace.....

For 69 there was 3 AM/FM models, 2 underdash 8 track players, and 1 console mounted 8 track player.  Theres an AM/FM mono radio, an AM/FM multiplex radio with an external multiplex unit (the bluelight stereo), and then theres a late model year AM/FM multiplex with an internal multiplex component (the Yellow light stereo).  There is one version of 8 track players are for use with the AM and AM/FM mono radios, and one used with the multiplex radios.  The mounting differences are determined by if the car had a console or not.

The AM/FM mono is model number 91BFP1
The blue light stereo is 91BFM1
The yellow light stereo is 91BFM2
The underdash 8 track player is 91BT411
The underdash multiplex 8 track player is 91BT421
The console mount 8 track player is 91FT211

In 69 there is only one version of the 8 track player that mounted on the console, and it was used with the mono radio setups, or if no radio was ordered.  In 68 there was 2 different versions, one for the mono radios and one for the multiplex radio. If you ordered a muliplex radio, you got the two knob 91BT421 under dash mounted 8 track player  wheather you had a console, or not.

If your going to buy a console mounted 8 track, make sure it has the arm rest cover pad included with it.  They are not reproduced and are extremely hard to find.  You can find moslty everything else on Ebay but don't be shocked by the prices.  A console mounted 8 track player is going to run you between 500 and 750 for the player alone, a mono AM/FM is probably in the 400 to 500 range, and a multiplex setup is going to be over 1000 bucks complete. make sure you get the multiplex mounting bracket if your going that route as well since they are unique to the Camaro and  are not reproduced either.

Just in case you missed it in reading through the threads, here's a web site for radios, etc.
I've been watching them for a radio for some time.  If nothing else, it can give you a cost frame of reference.  (Never seen an 8-track.  But you could email them and ask them.)  I've still got a box full of 8-track tapes from the late 60s and early 70s.  Wish I had the player and car...
Several foks have mentioned JVRestorations on Ebay.  Here's one of his last sales
Of course, you have to bid to buy with him.  He also has a lot of helpful information in his sale info.

It would be great if you would put together a CRG report on radios!  I'd like to see it...

Mark, Phillip,
I want to thank you guys for taking the time to go into the details like you have, much appreciated.  I'll keep my eyes open for these model numbers and the other information on e-bay.

Well what do you know.  The Parts Place is now reproducing the 8 track cover pad.  Not cheap by any means though at $129 for a hunk of foam and a sheet of vinyl.



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