Author Topic: 67 hazard flashers....never noticed THIS this normal?  (Read 1371 times)

Leon in Mn.

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Hello everyone, it's been a while since I posted anything on here, so here is something I don't know if it's normal, or something isn't wired quite right....

I was checking the lights on my 67 RS/SS this morning, getting it ready for the season, (here in Minnesota it's kind of late this year) everything seems to be working ok...signal lights, tail lights, brake lights, headlights etc. with different combinations using them, but when I turned on the hazard flashers they work alone, front flashes normal, rear ones work normal, but when I turn on the headlights, the front ones flash in unison like they should, but the rear ones flash alternately from side to side.  But only with the lights on.  Not a big deal, but is this the way they are wired in 67?  I remember other later cars with side marker lights (turn signals) flashing alternately from front to side, but never noticed this before.   As a side note, the rear bulb sockets were replaced at one time as the old ones were problematic.  I wonder if they were not wired right?  I think I might leave well enough alone as I guess it really doesn't bother me.  It only happens when the lights are on and hazard flasher on.    :)  Leon in Mn.