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Robert A. (Bob) Christiansen obit
« on: November 23, 2021, 03:27:03 PM »
I just learned my old friend, Robert (Bob A. Christiansen has passed.   He actually died in Kentucky in January 2020, but I only found out recently.   I only talked with him a few times after IBM closed their shop in Huntsville and moved him to KY in the 80's.  His Obit is here..

Here is his Racing Sports Cars record:

He raced for years in SCCA and in Trans AM series ('69 Z28) and later IMSA (73 Camaro).   His car and team were labeled with R.A.C.E.  (for Robert A. Christiansen Enterprises).   He was a small racer, but a good one and always had his car ready, but was limited due to $$ as most small racers were and are.   Maybe some of you old TransAM racers will remember him as he did most or many of the Trans AM series races in the eastern half of the country for a few years.

RIP Bob!
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