Author Topic: Shelby Camaro?  (Read 1016 times)


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Re: Shelby Camaro?
« Reply #15 on: November 25, 2021, 09:50:41 PM »
Shelby wanted to use Chevy engine instead of Ford but GM said no . Check out Scaglietti Corvette for some interesting history . Did not see the movie so donít know if this was covered . Italian body on 59 Corvette frame and running gear .


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Re: Shelby Camaro?
« Reply #16 on: November 26, 2021, 11:54:07 PM »
The bullet points indicate photos were  signed and authenticated by Carrol Shelby  - very likely went to Shelby American for the reason that I can't see why not if his sig is on the dash. I can except this reason for the Shelby look and if receipts available also.

That is entirely possible. In his later years, Shelby would sign anything...for a price. That said, every Ford guy and his brother have Carroll Shelby signed dashes...even on cloned Shelby cars. That does not mean Shelby built it. Lastly, If you were lucky to have 'ol Shel sign your real Shelby/Cobra car, then you may have some added value to it.
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