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Jerry's penna. visit
« on: April 12, 2007, 01:17:14 AM »
I had the pleasure recently of having Jerry visit my home. He came to drop off my original Zl-1 motor for my car and to appraise/document my 69 L78 M-22 indy. My hat's off to him for such a beautiful job he did restoring and rebuilding my motor. I dont know if I ever need to put it in the car as everyone who sees it  just sitting in my garage is awestruck!! I'm sure it will run as good as it looks. I'm actually planning to have it dynod shortly. I'll keep you posted on the results. I just have to get going on restoring the car now!! My brother, father and everyone in my office were excited with anticipation to have "the actual Jerry Macniesh"in the flesh at my repros or fakes here!!!  hahaha

 Anyway, I could tell where Jerry's heart is as he actually killed the batteries of his camera before he started the appraisal on my Indy because he took so many pics of my 67 Z project cars  :) My heart is where Jerry's is ever since I bought that 67 camaro (327-auto) when I was 15 yrs old for 75 bucks and turned it into a 67 Z...with the stripes and 69 Z emblems and all!!   hahaha

Jerry has restored a number of components for my cars over the years...and of course he took with him a few more of my parts to restore when he left...

Jerry, I hoped you enjoyed seeing my small collection of cars and parts...or as my Mom always put junkers!! (God Bless her soul)...if she only knew now...hahaha

 Once again hats off to you and thanks for a job well done on my motor...

                         thanks a million,    Max

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