Author Topic: Fuel Pump Restoration?  (Read 32440 times)


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Re: Fuel Pump Restoration?
« Reply #45 on: August 27, 2020, 10:54:07 PM »
I got wrapped up in my digressing from the topic - I forgot to add to the casting material and oxidation questions. Up until several years back, one of my customers was Carter in TN, a fuel pump plant. Pressure die cast aluminum, really pure stuff, made mechanical fuel pumps and even AC pumps under license (I used to have a box full of castings from tooling new production lines, AC logos and all). They were very particular about casting density and porosity, inspection dept. rejected castings like you wouldn't believe. I think a lot of the pitting you see is electrolytic corrosion near the steel portions of the pump, plus road grime. I think Fred does a great job with what he has to work with on 50 year old castings -

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Re: Fuel Pump Restoration?
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ONE more thing the federal gov't has SCREWED up for it's citizens!
NO! That's the result of the corn lobby. Who ever thought that using food for fuel was a good idea?? Oh, that lobby.....

The BIG problem is our government; Yes, the corn lobby PAYS off the politicians (and we allow the politicians to take it and promise the special interests ANYTHING .. to keep their money flowing!).   They ALL (politicians and lobbyists) should go to jail without passing GO...   But we (the citizens) allow it to happen by failing to ask such questions of our politiicans and by whom we vote for.   HOW does one think someone goes into office with maybe a $value of a few hundred thousand $$, and after a term or two or 10, they are worth MILLIONS.???  Their salary isn't much higher than yours or mine, and they LIVE in an expensive location...  WHY do we allow our freedoms and $$ to be stolen??
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