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Re: Original Color?
« Reply #30 on: February 02, 2020, 07:59:23 PM »
I would agree with Lynn, and say you may save your self some time and money posting the stampings here first. MANY cars stampings have been posted on here, and it is a quick way to figure out wether to proceed or look at another car.
For your current dilemma,  I think the thing that I would try to focus on, is what is the end game for this car?
Are you eventually going to want to go back to the original color, and would you be happy with that color?
You are the one that has to be content with it. So if it is going to be something where you feel you would repaint it, be upside down on it (paint is the most expensive thing to change these days) and then end up selling it for a color you do want.
Just think it through, is my point.
Good luck in your search  :)
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