Author Topic: 1969 Z28 spoiler v 1970 Z28 spoiler  (Read 1918 times)


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1969 Z28 spoiler v 1970 Z28 spoiler
« on: April 21, 2019, 04:07:07 AM »
Everyone will have to excuse me since I seem to have trouble negotiating computers in general! I was reading an post on here somewhere that was referring to the D 80 spoiler on the 1969 Camaro. Maybe my misunderstanding but my 1970 Z28 , number 979 off the line from Van Nuys plant came with the D 80 Low one piece spoiler and the spoiler for the 1969 Z28 was a slightly taller spoiler than the D 80 that came on the 1970 second generation Camaros. If I am wrong please let me know . I purchased my 70 Z28 in February 1970 just prior to leaving for Vietnam, sold it once to my cousin but bought it back in early 80s. Will never part with it again !


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Re: 1969 Z28 spoiler v 1970 Z28 spoiler
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2019, 04:37:16 AM »
Hi Ron,

Welcome to CRG and thanks for your service to our country. It is great that you are the original owner of your car. You must have some great stories to tell.

Now getting to your spoiler question. 1969 Camaro's spoiler is taller than the one piece '70 1/2 Camaro spoiler. '69 is different than yours because of the different body styles and different aerodynamics. The D80 is the option code if you ordered spoilers. Same option code was used for many different years. Z/28 is an option code, yet a '69 Z/28 is different than the '70 1/2.

Hope I didn't confuse you and answered your question satisfactory.

                                                                       - Warren


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Re: 1969 Z28 spoiler v 1970 Z28 spoiler
« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2019, 03:26:44 AM »
WElcome Ron, we're glad to have you here!   This forum is predominantly for first gen Camaros, but we love hearing about any of them (I'm a particular fan of '70 Z28's.. and wish I still had the one I owned back in the late '70's and early 80's!)..

Tell us about yourself, where you're from and about your Z28..  photos if you have them?  :)

Gary,  69Z28-RS
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Re: 1969 Z28 spoiler v 1970 Z28 spoiler
« Reply #3 on: April 22, 2019, 12:59:36 PM »
If you are looking for a forum that specializes in the second generation Camaros then you may want to go to the NastyZ28 web site:

Lots of information there and very helpful there too, just like the guys are here.

Thanks again for your service to the country and I would love to hear the stories and pics on your car.  Not many original owners around.