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carolina blue 1969
« on: August 15, 2008, 09:33:40 PM »
I have a special paint 1969 RS. It has the dash on the trim tag and was originally painted Carolina Blue. It also has a code C dark blue vinyl top. I am about to repaint the car and need some help. Carolina Blue was available as a 70 and later GM color and used on both the Camaro and the Chevelle. The Dupont number is 926-98371. I have also seen some information that suggests the 69 Camaro cars were painted an offset color/similar color and that possibly powder blue oldsmobile color was used in 1969. The Powder Blue and the Carolina Blue i have seen look the same. Can anyone offer real info on what color was used to replicate Carolina Blue in 1969. Was there a legit Carolina Blue color as the 70 and later stuff had, or was it an Oldsmobile color that was used? Was it possible that dupont 926-98371 paint was used on the 69 Camaros or was special paint in 1969 limited to GM color offerings for that year. I have read that special paint meant any color, and also read it meant any color available from GM that year. thanks


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Re: carolina blue 1969
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2008, 04:31:24 AM »
It could be any color, really. (Well except the Cadillac FireMist colors that had to be shot with a special gun.)
Carolina blue could be ordered by any dealer and they would pick whatever shade they thought was good. I've heard of some groups of dealers using one common shade, while others dealers picked other shades.

Carolina blue was also a special order color in 70, not a factory color in 70 to my knowledge.

The only real way to tell the shade is to have the paint scanned and match the color. I know that a 64 Wedgewood blue was used on some.

Colorado blue was a very similiar color, btw.
Kurt S