Author Topic: Looking for information on my '69 Z  (Read 2447 times)


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Looking for information on my '69 Z
« on: March 02, 2007, 07:51:43 PM »
Hey guys - I've been reading/watching folks find old owners/original owners on this board for awhile and figured I'd test the waters myself

I have a '69 Z with this trim tag info

ST 69  12437  NOR277529BDY
TR 715           69 69 PNT
02D                  X77

Now - what I know about the car-is that I bought it in the Atlanta area in July of 2001.  The guy I bought it from got it from an old friend of his.  The VIN is stamped by the oil filter and stamped with V0124DZ on the pad.  Its one of those 'a little bit out of the date range' motors becasue its a 386 block dated J 16 8.  Tranny has the VIN stamped and I have removed the cowl and verified the VIN there - feel pretty good about the car being correct.  It has the 3.73 gear and I think the gears were still dated correctly for the car as well.
I have talked to this guy - he is around Grimesly TN (looks like Fentress County)  I actually have the original registration slip from when he registered the car in August of 1991.  He did some work on the car after he bought it and was going to give it to his daughter to drive (wouldnt we have all wanted to date her!!!), but she wanted some newer foreign something instead, so he sold it to the guy I bought it from.  The car is now red with black stripes and black interior.  Problem is, the guy in TN doesnt remember the name of the guy he bought it from.  Was 'almost positive' he got it from a guy in Alabama. 
I did a title serach in Alabama several years back - got the normal response that they do not keep records over 10 years old.  From one of the other posts here I decided to try TN and see if maybe they have record of the person who's name was on the title when it came to TN.  Waiting on a call back from them to start that process. is the question - a Silver Z with blue interior...cant be that common.  Anyone from that area in TN or from Alabama remember a silver/blue Z? 
I think the car may have been road raced some...only because of some of the modifications done to the original carb and some cutting around the original shifter hole.  Has had some body work done to it, but its pretty decent.
Appreciate any help finding the history of the car