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Re: Engine Pad Stamps
« Reply #30 on: August 31, 2017, 11:39:56 PM »
I have no idea if that's a cause for 'double stamps', but JohnZ has stated previously that small blocks were stamped after the heads were installed...

I was thinking on the SB, that it was stamped with the heads on, and thats why some are a partial or stamped twice by the engine plant

Pretty sure you're correct. Most small block stamps I've ever seen are far enough down on the edge to clear the stamp holder from the front face of the head, sometimes almost running off the pad. Big blocks have a core plug on the left side of the head over the pad: no way to get a stamp there unless you pull the core plug, which would be extremely difficult. That's why the engine code is on the side under the plug (before the heads were assembled to the block), and the VIN on pad stamped cars is in the clear (assembly plant stamping) on the open side of the pad. Makes sense -

The date code on my '68 L30/M20 (V07II) runs off of the engine pad. The engine code (EA) is stamped separately next to it. Jerry said it's the real McCoy, that's good enough for me. Hope this helps, RonM.