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Re: 1967 "Pilot" cars
« Reply #30 on: May 09, 2013, 04:54:33 PM »
Is this one car number 6 delivered to engineering in prime?
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Re: 1967 "Pilot" cars
« Reply #31 on: May 22, 2017, 05:42:49 AM »
The GM booklet that USCC mentions details the pre-production build schedule and also has a table for all the vehicle lines.
49 Camaros at NOR, 3 Camaros and 7 full-size at LOS. Other Chevrolet plants had between 5 and 35 pre-production vehicles.
To correct the incorrect numbers for the Camaro customers: Sales 27, Engineering 17, Manufacturing 8.
The Camaro bodies all came from Fisher Body Plant #21 (Fisher's Pilot plant). The 7 full-size cars came from Janesville.
These Camaros were not assembled on the main production line.
Models: 14 convertibles, 38 coupes.
Engines: 10 L6 (230 & 250), 5 L32 283, 15 L30 327, 18 L48 350, and 4 with no powertrain. Note that the 283 was in the builds instead of the LF7 327/210hp that was used in production.
33 of 52 requested show paint. 1 requested primer.

The bodies of the engineering cars were delivered to NOR near the end of May and were needed completed and back in Detroit during June for different testing.

There were 11 Sales Mechanical Exhibit cars - 10 were press evaluation cars and one car became the cutaway car. They had exactly the same options and colors: A39 A67 A82 A85 C08 D55 G80 J50 L48 M20 N33 N34 N40 U57 U69 Z22 Z87. Y-2 765. All had the undercoating omitted to better show the underside details in pictures and were due mid-June to the end of June.  I always wonder about the undercoating missing since it's also a noise reducer - seems like you'd want less noise in a press vehicle.

There were 16 sales cars that went to 4 different sales conventions (Detroit, Jacksonville, Chicago, Phoeniz). Each convention had an identical set (colors and options) of 4 cars scheduled: a gold L26 , a blue L48, a red L30 convertible to show off accessories, and a yellow car fitted with an electric drivetrain (see the Electrovair II at The L26 and L48 cars had 110 volt wiring in the headliner for the light that JohnZ mentioned. I've never seen pics of the yellow electric vehicles at the sales conventions nor noted in the press of the time.
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