Author Topic: 1969 Conv with a 230 and 3 on the tree  (Read 1571 times)


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1969 Conv with a 230 and 3 on the tree
« on: October 05, 2016, 02:16:22 PM »
Hey Guys...I've been MIA from here for about 2 years.  I sold my rusty '68 RS project from hell...never could convince the head-of-the war-dept (aka: wife) of its worthiness, got tired of the complaining and sold it.  I then bought an extremely rare '77 Nova COPO 9C1...and sold it.  Then bought a '57 Chevy 210 wagon survivor...and sold it.  The new project (and keeper) is a '69 Camaro coupe with a six...I'll post that later today.

Just wanted to highlight a nice '69 convertible (VIN: 123679N628256) that's on Ebay for a starting bid of $15k.  It appears to only have one AM radio!  It has its numbers-matching 230 with a smog pump which looks original, so this appears to be a California car.  This car is insanely original, which probably means it will get a 350 and a TH350 trans  :P


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Re: 1969 Conv with a 230 and 3 on the tree
« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2016, 03:41:07 AM »
It's the 3 on the tree that makes it unusual - never see them anymore.

It should not have the woodgrain on the dash, btw. Everything else looks original. Smog was 50-states in 69.
Kurt S