Author Topic: Full restoration or????  (Read 4430 times)


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Full restoration or????
« on: January 07, 2007, 07:07:19 PM »
I have a question for the people of the board: I have a 68 Rally Sport convertible 327 210HP, 2 speed powerglide trans. Body is fairly good, not cherry with a missing grill and hide away headlight pieces. Hasn't run in 20 years, but motor has only few miles after a rebuild and tranny needs rebuilt because it leaks from non-use. How far should I go on a restore? Would you make it a trailer queen or a driver? How rare is it? It is totally original down to the factory hubcaps. It never had any modifications or changes made to it. It has been in the family since new, even have the original invoice (not window sticker). Total restore or just get it to look good for a few local shows and a driver??


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Re: Full restoration or????
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2007, 02:12:13 AM »
Totallly up to you.  Any solid 1st Gen Camaro is a valuable car - some more so than others.  I am as proud of my '69 RS, 327/210 hp with Powerglide, 2.73 non posi rear end with monoleaf springs as any other 1st gen Camaro owner.  My car is a lot like yours.  Very nice car with original interior, tranny, and rear end.  Replacement, but correct 69 327.  Very straight sheet metal and no rust.  Car had 25k miles on it when I purchased it in 1991, now has 41K.  Needs a repaint after the youngest daughter finishes up college.  Mechanicals are 75% complete.  Car has been stripped to the front friewall, sub frame removed and reassembled.

Will it be worth what I eventually put into it?  Who knows.  Even base coupr RS cars are appreciating significantly.
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Re: Full restoration or????
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2007, 04:29:04 AM »
Like Rich said, it's whatever you're comfortable with. I can tell you from my experience in the middle of a '68 frame-off restoration in my little garage that going that far is a MAJOR, major task--a lot more than I expected in the beginning. But it's also very rewarding. Your car sounds like a very nice Camaro whichever way you go--especially since it appears to be numbers-matching and is a ragtop. If you go full resto, know that a lot of GM parts are no longer available and some of the aftermarket stuff is really shoddy--and a lot of it is top-notch. And it's all expensive. You're very, very lucky to have such a great starting  point to begin with. Here in North Carolina, unmolested coupe Camaros with no rust--much less convertibles--are as rare as hen's teeth, and they bring pretty big bucks no matter the drivetrain. Good luck to you whatever you choose and welcome to the Camaro world! My 2 cents.
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Re: Full restoration or????
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2007, 10:53:59 AM »
Restoring to what point is totally up to you. Myself, I'm a driver, that is what these cars were built to do. Cost will always be a factor and how far to go with any project. Good luck on deciding what to do, hope to see you down the road.