Author Topic: Upgrade to Power Steering = New Pitman Arm?  (Read 4687 times)


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Upgrade to Power Steering = New Pitman Arm?
« on: January 02, 2007, 08:47:27 PM »
67 Camaro SS 396
car came with and currently has manual steering.
want to upgrade it to power steering and was thinking of purchasing a quick ratio box.

Question - Does the pitman arm need changed when going from manual box to power steering box?



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Re: Upgrade to Power Steering = New Pitman Arm?
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2007, 09:02:26 PM »
See the following link:     I believe you will find what you are looking for - according to the refereenced material, the answer to your question is yes.  Following is extracted from that reference:


PS boxes have a larger output shaft dia than manual boxes, use a PS pitman only.

Use only a first gen Camaro, Firebird, or up to 74 Nova PS pitman. You can't use any of the late pitman arms on an early Camaro.

According to articles, pre 1980 boxes have a .760" input shaft, 1980 and up boxes have a smaller .670" shaft and require a smaller coupler #7826542 from a 77-86 pickup. Pinch bolt #7807271 is used with the coupler.

My 67 PS box has a .800" (large) OD input shaft. the measurements above from magazine may be ID of coupler??? Some articles say early is 13/16" , late boxes have 3/4".

Pre-1980 used standard inverted flare fittings on the box. 1980 and up boxes (maybe 81 up) use a special fitting with an O ring seal. Adapters are available from Lee Manufacturing, call 818 / 768 / 0371

Power steering pumps use three types of output fittings, the 60's standard 45 deg flare with male end on the pump, the 70's inverted flare with female end on the pump, and the 1980 and later metric Saginaw fitting with O ring and female end on the pump and box. Most older pumps must have flow and pressure boosted to properly operate a fast ratio box.

Pressure hose for using inverted flare pump with us flare PS box: Powercraft hose #70973. Should be able to get it at Schucks Kragen or Checker, or any other parts house that carry the powercraft brand. Others may be able to cross it with what line they got. It has the male 3/8 inverted flare and the male 7/16 inverted flare.

Coupler for 67-69 PS 7806390 13/16" (.8125") origonal PS shaft.

Coupler for later PS or manual box to adapt smaller 3/4" dia shaft 7826542 - Used on 77-79 camaro, 77-86 Pickups. For boxes with flat on input shaft.

Coupler for 67-69 Manual steering 7806391 I believe this is a 3/4" shaft but should not be used on the later type boxes with a flat.

Pinch bolt 7807271 small head, couplers do not come with a bolt.

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Re: Upgrade to Power Steering = New Pitman Arm?
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2007, 10:06:46 PM »
I made the upgrade on my 69z. I purchased a Power Steering set-up from a guy on eBay (cost me $404) and it had everything. And yes, it needed an appropriate Pitman arm. Here is a picture of the items in the set-up and all the parts were used.

The box was rebuilt, but the cover leaked as the gasket was pinched. A new gasket solved the problem. The other parts were clean, but needed some work to make them real nice.

If you want the name of the person... His name is Jim at 480-981-3096 or 602-751-0454. Here is a link to the set-up you may want:

Note that I have the Close Ratio box, and it is a little too quick for me. I even purchased a shorter pitman arm to slow it down a bit, but I have not installed it since steering geometry may me affected (as I was told).

If anyone has a comment if I can put the shorter pitman arm on to make it less snappy, please let me know.


Oops... I see you have a BB, but you may want to inquire anyway as he may have the set-up you need.

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