Author Topic: LOS TB (no P) inspection tag possibility?  (Read 48 times)

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LOS TB (no P) inspection tag possibility?
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Hello list,
    While putting some of my 67's LOS found documents in another storage safe, I glanced through them (as I have done many times before) and then it suddenly hit me about this one tag. I understand LOS did not use the PBT ink stamps on the firewall, but could this have been how those inspections were done at LOS? Aside from the missing 'P' box, which maybe was due to how Fisher operated at LOS  (vs. NOR) as per John Z, could the 'B' & 'T' stand for Body and Trim? It looks like the punch is 'SS', which I assume is the inspectors identification, though coincidentally enough the car is an SS. The 556 hand written numbers are the last 3 digits on the cars trim tag in the body number location and as listed on the UOIT. The 1 & 2 boxes could possibly be 1st and 2nd shift?

  About the water stain......when I first bought the car I never looked for any paperwork because at that time it wasn't so important. One day I got caught in a heavy rain storm and the next day I found the carpet very wet by the drivers foot. After removing the console and rug I found a group of papers inside a folded thicker document that I learned later from Kurt was the UOIT. This was taped to the tunnel and even has some sort of body over-spray along one edge. Some of the documents, including this tag, were wet. Oh, the cause of the leak was a very loose steering column to firewall rubber seal.

Anyways, just curious about if this is the way Fisher at LOS inspected their cars.

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