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Early 68 driver door mirror
« on: August 02, 2014, 06:38:09 PM »
HI all,
I have already tried the search feature but didn't find anything that really answered my question.

I have an all original 68 SS 350 (L48) numbers matching car. I have a few items I have questions on however.....the driver door mirror is the only question in this topic.

I was looking through my AIM and noticed 2 mirrors pictured for the driver round (UPC 1, A1) and a rectangular (D33) shown as the remote mirror.

My car was built 10B, and my NCRS document verifies it being built 10/10/67. I do have the "finned" style hood (same as 67 SS cars).

My question is there ANY chance Chevrolet may have used carry over (round) mirrors for the first few cars off the line and moved to rectangular mirrors once they ran out ? Kind of like the finned style hood I have ? My mirror looks EXACTLY like a 67 mirror. If there was NO chance this happened to my car, I am going to begin the search for a properly dated rectangular mirror.

Almost every other part on this car (above 95%) is properly numbered and date coded, so I want it to be correct.

Thanks !