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another POP decode
« on: May 25, 2014, 06:36:20 PM »
I've half heartedly looked over it before but decided to follow completely go through it ,pretty cool! (knock on wood, slow day at the station so far)

(body assembly began 04D 4th week in April)

A1  interior E (black)
A5,6 paint GG (Ash Gold)
A29  carb Holley
B1-7 engine  V (Flint)   0423 ( April 23) MO
B15-21 rear end BV (4:10's) 0424 (April 24) G
B29 Build month 5 (May) 
C1-5 Transmission P(munci)   8  C21 (March 21)
C15-21  options:  C15 "2"   J50  power brakes
                         C17 "3"    U63 AM radio
                         C18 "3"    J52  Disc brakes
                         C21 "2"    A67  Folding rear seat

Pretty sure I interpreted the info correct.
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