Author Topic: Door, door window, door window weather strip fitment ???  (Read 1086 times)


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Door, door window, door window weather strip fitment ???
« on: February 09, 2014, 09:41:38 PM »
When my '68 doors are completely assembled, I will have my original GM door inner structures, new door skins, new glass, and new inner and outer weather strips.
My question is......when the window is in the up position, how are the door, the door glass, and the weather strips all supposed fit together properly to keep water out..... With the door having been altered and all the other stuff being repro, I don't know what is right or what might be wrong here.

First off, the opening in the door that the glass passes through is not even in width from front to back. The inside edge of the opening is straight.....The outside edge of the opening is curved outward.....So the opening is wider in the middle.....And then the window is curved.

The first part of my question is how much curvature should there be in the window?......should the curvature of the window and the curvature of the outside edge of the door opening be exactly the same?.......When I hold my original window inside the door in the up position and pull it tight to the outside edge of the opening (no fuzzies installed), it touches on the ends and there is an 1/8 gap in the middle........Is this correct or should the window have full contact with the outside edge of the door the entire length?......If that 1/8 inch gap in the middle is right, the outer fuzzies would have be pretty thick to fill that gap. The PUI repros I have right now are not thick enough to do that !

The second part is....... since the inside edge of the window opening in the door is straight and the window is curved outward, how does a straight inner fuzzie maintain full contact with a curved window? .....It would have to be wide enough and flexible enough....being more compressed on the ends.... Is that right?

I just want to make sure everything seals up the way it should. I want to be sure that outside curvature of the top of my doors wasn't altered by installing new door skins.

An added note....I just received new glass from Pilkington Classics. Both door windows have less curvature across the length where it meets the weather strips than my originals. So the 1/8 inch gap I mentioned above would grow even larger if I used these windows. I sent Pilkington an e-mail on this and am waiting for a reply.

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