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1969 Camaro vins from old legal notices
« on: February 03, 2014, 01:20:35 AM »
Hi all,

Here is a list of vin#'s found in legal notices from old newspapers.  Mostly cars that owners failed to make the payments on.  If your vin is listed here, send me a PM to confirm and I'll email you a screenshot of the notice.  (I don't have the original newspapers)

124379L511828 9/29/70 The Daily Review, Hayward CA
124379L523716 9/28/70 The Daily Review, Hayward CA
124379N500479 9/1/71 Suburbanite Economist, Chicago ILL
124379N501918 2/14/71 Richmond VA Times Dispatch
124679N504785 4/26/74 Ames IA Daily Tribune
124379N505382 10/13/72 Charleston WV Gazette
124379N506131 11/22/86 Del Rio News Herald
124379N507376 3/28/79 Hutchinson KS news impound sale
124379N511048 5/16/90 US Marshalls sale at IL DOT, Fairview Hts IL min bid 9K
123379N519112 5/30/73 Casa Grande Dispatch. Abandoned sale
123379N520174 11/29/73 Charleston WV Gazette
123379N525984 8/20/79 Syracuse Post Standard
124379N528161 1/2/74 Steubenville OH Herald Star
124379N529835 10/24/72 Mobile Register (AL)
124379N532633 3/14/70 Morgantown WV Dominion News
124379N533139 1/30/75 Altoona PA Mirror
124379N533243 8/25/71 Ames IA Daily Tribune
123379N534733 7/2/75 Albuquerque NM journal
124379N542506 1/15/70 Greensboro Record NC
124379N543828 10/9/74 Harrisonburg VA Daily News Record
124379N552159 10/9/74 Harrisonburg VA Daily News Record
124379N552519 4/14/72 Advocate Baton Rogue LA
124379N555827 1/2/75 Ruston LA Daily Leader
124379N557031 8/18/71 Richmond VA Times Dispatch
124379N558089 3/14/75 Salina KS Journal
124379N559912 2/7/73 Richmond Times Dispatch
124379N561825 11/5/70 Petersburg VA Progress Index
124379N563341 9/17/71 Mobile AL Register
124379N564119 11/11/77 Monroe News Star (LA)
124379N571759 9/16/61 Tuscaloosa News
124379N573070 8/9/71 Charleston WV Gazette
124379N576798 8/3/71 Mobile Register (AL)
124379N577738 11/20/70 Delta MS Democrat Times.
124379N580707 10/23/73 Lebanon PA Daily News
124379N582042 12/23/71 Ames IA Daily Tribune
124379N586394 10/28/70 Farmington NM Daily Times
124379N586788 3/4/75 Ames IA Daily Tribune
124379N599168 12/13/71 Mobile Register (AL)
124379N601192 3/7/80 Salina KS Journal
124379N604558 3/9/71 Trenton NJ evening times
124379N606622 7/26/71 Altoona PA Mirror
124379N612004 11/6/71 Mobile Register (AL)
124379N613650 10/22/72 Times Daily Florence AL
124379N625433 8/12/71 Mobile Register (AL)
124379N636247 10/29/78 Farmington NM Daily Times
124379N638332 8/12/71 Altoona PA mirror
124379N639602 11/2/70 Altoona PA Mirror
124379N640385 4/4/73 Casa Grande AZ Dispatch Abandoned vehicle
124679N641961 1/14/71 Connellsville PA Daily Courier
124379N647292 8/12/87 Aiken (SC) Standard. FBI seizure sale
124379N651307 6/25/71 Mobile Register (AL)
124379N664757 1/17/75 Salisbury MD Daily Times
124379N665925 2/23/71 Charleston WV Gazette
124379N666126 12/10/73 Richmond Times Dispatch
124379N672063 5/5/73 Madison WI State Journal
124379N673488  1/7/71 Middletown NY Times Herald Record
123379N676335 7/4/74 Altoona PA Mirror
124379N676646 10/8/71 Billings MT Gazette
124379N677192 9/11/70 Omaha NE World Herald
124379N677627 1/27/72 Middletown NY Times Herald
124379N681448 1/9/70 Richmond Times Dispatch
124379N688332 11/2/70 Altoona PA Mirror
123379N689097 1/25/77 Salisbury MD Daily Times
124379N692456 10/28/72 Omaha World Herald
124379N694542 3/24/71 Charleston WV Gazette
124379N696362 4/8/75 Uniontown PA Morning Herald
124379N696753 11/25/71 Trenton NJ Evening Times
124379N696932 4/16/71 Advocate Baton Rouge LA
124379N697506 5/3/71 Salisbury MD Daily Times
124379N699104 8/28/73 Altoona PA Mirror
123379N699486 2/3/77 Boston Herald. Police impound sale (have pic if needed)
124379N701719 2/22/71 Aberdeen Daily News (Aberdeen, SD)
124379N708163 10/23/70 Omaha World Herald (Omaha, NE)
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Re: 1969 Camaro vins from old legal notices
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2014, 07:16:00 AM »
Thanks for pulling that list together. A lot of work there. It will be helpful with the history of those cars.
Kurt S


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Re: 1969 Camaro vins from old legal notices
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2014, 03:24:49 AM »
3 more:
124379N597536  10/7/72 Syracuse Post Standard.
124379N648265  8/6/74 Bluefield VA Daily Telegraph
123379N516421 1/19/70 Charleston WV Gazette (though they call it an SS, maybe 124379N516421?)
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