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Floor pan advice
« on: September 14, 2015, 08:48:59 PM »
I'm looking for guidance on what to do with the floors in my '67 coupe.  The car will not be receiving a frame-off restoration.  Rather, to the extent possible, I want to make as it would have been when originally purchased.  I drive the car on nice weekends and take it the occasional local show. First time doing this so advice is greatly appreciated.  here is a link to some pics  .

Are there stamps or markings on the floor pans to indicate what, if any, is original?
I can see where a replacement rear pan portion has been welded in .

The floors are solid.  No rust holes.  Only surface rust.  I want to deal with the surface rust and prevent further problems.  What was the original finish on the floor pans? Any thoughts on POR 15 vs KBS vs Epoxy primer?

Planning to leave original/existing sealant in place where possible and use 3M strip caulk where missing.  Should I seal before or after finishing the pans?