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Trans - Update
« on: October 12, 2021, 11:10:08 AM »
Hi everyone! Thanks to all who responded to my previous post about my transmission. A local trans shop replaced the torque converter and yoke. The cost was just over $2,000, and if this fixes the leaks, I'll be very happy. I contacted Jegs, but in order for them to consider any type of reimbursement, I would have had to return the trans. They said because I didn't have a pre-authorization for the work to be done, there wasn't much they could do. Oh well. Live and learn.

My next step is to have the oil changed. I'm about 1,000 miles on the new motor. While it's in the shop, I'm going to have them look at the breaks and steering. My break pedal sometimes doesn't return all the way up, so the break lights stay on if I don't life the pedal up. Hopefully that's a minor thing. The steering feels a bit stiff. And I hear the belt squeaking at times. So hopefully that's not a big issue either.

Once I get these quirks fixed, I'll be super happy! Of course, now it's getting chilly around here, so not sure how much topless driving I'll be doing.  ;D

Have a great day everyone!!  8)