Author Topic: When fiction becomes fact  (Read 1484 times)


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When fiction becomes fact
« on: August 31, 2013, 03:08:19 PM »
There have been some great stories in here about cars being reunited with the original owners. Also threads with heated debate where #1 owner's claims do not match the data. While my car's apart I'm taking the time to record all the numbers and complete the "lost years" 68-76,which is not hard seeing that the car has remained in a 100 square mile area. Growing up I've talked to the man who striped it ,and proudly stating so ! Who set up the rear end. Old friends who cruised and street raced in it. Those who added the hideaways ( they were going for the Old Reliable look) ,cowl hood ,front valiance etc...

A common story were those headers ,in the trunk via #1---heard it 37 years. But the story did not match the data. I figured maybe one of the other owners might have swapped them out for the more popular Hookers ( win on Sunday, sell on Monday) and planned on trying to track them down, people around here tend to hoard parts so it was not inconceivable they were in a attic. My carb is on a drag racer's shelf not far from here ,starters on a 38 rat rod. Cam in a 55. ( still running strong ).

But the story abruptly changed ,never came with headers. Which explains the plugged exhaust manifolds ! No questions, not a problem really no big deal.( of course never gave my intentions ,just stated what I now have is not what came in the trunk) He's still digging up pictures and when our schedules jive we're getting together.

Point being ,if you are really animate about documenting the history of your project and not perpetuating a myth ,do your research.

Am I going to purchase a set of beautiful replicas ,money permits, you bet !  ( kids in college  :'( ) But at least I will have the proper yarn to spin !

68 Z/28  born with: 302, drive line, etc..


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Re: When fiction becomes fact
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2013, 02:44:15 PM »
Thanks for sharing. Not a Z/28 but my 69 lived in the same small area until a few years ago. It has been fun to learn about the car and the people at the same time.