Author Topic: Question on fan identification (1967)  (Read 1354 times)

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Question on fan identification (1967)
« on: August 03, 2013, 11:26:15 PM »
I have browsed the CRG paper on 1st-gen cooling systems at and found a lot of great information there.

Primarily I am interested in the standard fixed four blade fan #3839282 for 1967; are these marked with any part# or date code stampings? I saw several different 4-blade fixed fans today from my restorer's parts collection and none of them had any part numbers or date codes.  Was told this is typical and the parts are very commonly found this way (my guy has many on hand).

What about the K02 #3789562 and #912239 clutched fans (also 1967), are these part-numbered and/or dated?

Additionally:  I have a 5-blade clutched fan #915595, it is also stamped SD D72, which was on my 396" '67 Camaro when I acquired it... Pretty sure the fan is not original (maybe dealer-installed or a previous owner?).  I cannot find any info. on applications for the #915595 P/N (though there is one on ebay right now with the description: "68 69 70 Corvette Camaro Vette LT 1 GM 5 Blade Clutch Fan gm 915595"

Any help appreciated-- Thanks-- Charley