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In the Vintage Certification program we have 4 award levels for originality/preservation. Rather than debate what the term "Survivor " means, because every individual seems to have their own interpretation. The Bloomington folks have theirs which is defined and is there standard. In 1997 a group of us started defining a program for unrestored Camaro's and it has evolved to include other marques today. In 1999 when the Camaro Nationals began under the ACA banner, we participated in the inaugural  event.

Our program is unlike any other. A team of judges spend three hours per car inspectng every area, including placing cars on a lift and thoroughly inspecting the underside and chassis. Documenting fit, finishes, originality & preservation. To learn more about Vintage Cerification I''ve attached a link to our
programs general information page:  

Mission Statement:

Please contact me with any questions about registering for Vintage Cerification or display only, Heritage Display for unrestored vehicles.

Link to Application:

We are certifying cars at the MCACN show in Chicago 11/23/-24.  I've attached the links above which defines our goals , certification levels and the whole process from application to award.

The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals is truly and iconic event where you might see an assemblage of 60 Yenko built cars (2012) or 20 ZL1 camaros (2011). This year will be no different, check out the special showcases that we have planned. One that might interest you is our Z28 show case. For show information check out our website:

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