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Author Topic: To: CRG members What year Camaro(s) do each of us own?  (Read 2086 times)


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To: CRG members What year Camaro(s) do each of us own?
« on: April 05, 2013, 06:04:12 AM »
Hey guys,  I wanted to know more about the membership of over 4000 people and see what types of Camaros are inspiring the debate, conversations and continued research that fuels the interest and growth in this great  site.  This poll isn't meant to intrude and make public which owner has which car, but just let all of us know the percentage of each year Camaro that make up all of our members cars. The more guys that participate the more accurate picture of our collective of Camaros.
This is the 1st poll !
I would like conduct more polls to break down the information further and know for example : out of all the 1967 Camaro owners on this site how many of those Camaros are a plain jane or RS or SS or RS/SS, and Z/28, possibly Yenko or baldwin motion.  You get the idea here

Take it away guys!

1969 garnet red Z/28 46k mile unrestored X77
-Looking for 3192477 (front) spiral shocks 3192851 (rear)
-Looking for an original LOF soft ray windshield
-Looking for original Delco side post negative battery cable part # 6297651AV