Author Topic: WHAT IS A CLONE CAR?  (Read 8041 times)


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« Reply #15 on: May 10, 2013, 09:09:33 PM »
In the automotive world, the definition of a clone is to convert it into something it wasn't from the factory. With regards to the first generation Camaro, it's done mostly to change a non-Z28 into a Z28, a non-Yenko into a Yenko, a non-SS into an SS, a non-ZL1 into a ZL1, a non-Z11 inito a Z11, etc... And cloning mostly refers to the engine itself (ie, Z28) but not always (ie, Z11).

And you'll NEVER see the reverse, such as converting a real Z28 into a base model, or a real ZL1 converted into a 6 cylinder coupe!!



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« Reply #16 on: May 11, 2013, 12:18:09 AM »
I was on another site, and some thought if you don't have original paper work, original drive train, then it's a clone as far as they were concerned.
I, too, have read this definition and wonder if my car would be considered a clone. I certainly do not consider it as such. When I bought my car 33 years ago, no one thought of getting paperwork. I was 19 and never tried to research past owners. Worse, I did not have the funds to buy my car at the time, a mere $400, so my best friend bought it and I paid him back. My title has his name on it as previous owner, but I cannot remember the guy's name it was bought from. Laws here in Ohio prevent me from getting information about previous owners and records only go back 7 years, I was told. So, I have no documentation. The car is totally correct and original except for the engine which was blown up and the guy(who sold it to my friend) who had car pulled engine and it ended up with a relative of  his. Yea, I would like to find the original engine, of course and I will keep looking, but I went ahead and proccured a date correct engine when I decided to restore car. The radiator,bellhousing, even flywheel are original to car as well as other drivetrain and options are as born with. Understanadably, I am somewhat offended to have a car like this lumped in with pieced together cars as a clone. The car is a REAL SS/RS X22,M20 712,72 12B Nor. The engine is a T1108JH L78. Most of the vin, which is still on pad for this time period is obscurred by rust pits, so can't be read. Nothing has been restamped or doctored in attempt to mis-represent. All components are correct and GM original including smog,pulleys,alternator,etc... Is this a clone? or a restored car with NOM?
Nope, simply not matching numbers....
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