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Smokey Yunick

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Jon Mello:
Rick, that's some neat information. Thanks for sharing.

Joe, I agree about Smokey going over to Ford for '69 however Pete Hamilton drove a very fast '69 Camaro with Gene White (the East Coast Firestone tire distributor) sponsorship and Gene White was no car builder. The speculaton was that Smokey Yunick built the car. That hasn't been definitively proven either way, that I know of. Maybe somebody else knows? I think Tiny took over that car in '70. Tiny had been driving Cougars in Nascar GT the previous couple of years. It could be the Gene White car was built just prior to Smokey going to Ford.

A friend just bought a 69 Torino that Bunkie had Holman- Moody-Stroppe build for Bobby Unser to run Pikes Peak. Smokey built the Boss 429 that went in it. Head the record for I think 6 years.

Jon Mello:
I was always impressed by the big Detroit Iron that guys would race up that hill with the tails hanging out over the edge of a steep cliff. My hat is off to all the racers that took on Pikes Peak no matter what they were driving.

       Warren Dernoshek and I had a discussion about the Gene White car last year. Warren talked to Smokey over the years and he confirmed thatcar was his. I have photos of this car in my files.

Jon Mello:
That's good info, Mark. Thank you. I read Smokey's biography and he may have mentioned the Gene White car in there but it's been over 10 years since I read it and I have simply forgotten.

I have posted photos below that Ken Ulrich sent me last night. These are the pieces he got from Smokey which he talked about in reply #39.

"The duct is made of an off white beige plastic and held together with pop rivets not glued or heat bonded and has original piece of masking tape as received in shipment
from Smokey just after '69 Sebring race. Cross ram duct, made of fiberglass not plastic, is sort of rough around the edges and does not have provision for air cleaner. My
guess is it was made for dyno testing, was probably also from Smokey, (has trace of masking tape on top). The  '69 Trans Am chassis Todco received from Godsall or
Titus was only a rolling chassis so not likely to have an air cleaner, especially one not designed for use without air cleaner. If used for dyno testing not from Roy Woods.

The acid dipped bodies, I believe 3 of them not 4, were bare metal not painted. The black and gold one was "probably" a production car was NOT acid dipped, had
factory caulking, factory dash and factory glass. It had a roll bar but not a full cage. It did not have a back seat. I do not remember if it had headliner or carpet but I
think it had a cut out in trunk from a fuel cell. Whenever I see a photo of one of Smokey"s gold and black cars with # 13 it still send a chill up my spine."


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